Rian Johnson Once Again Explained Rey's Parents In An Effort To Put It To Rest

If you're someone who is still convinced Rian Johnson intentionally misled people with who Rey's parents were in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, you gotta let the past die. Johnson has once again stated that the call was his to make regarding Rey's parents, and that he ultimately chose Rey's parents to be drug-addicts to show that the Force is not a tool exclusive to a handful of individuals within a Jedi bloodline. 

Check out Johnson's latest comments regarding that in the video below, and continue on below:

I get there were people who wanted Rey to be a Kenobi or something like that, but I have to say I like Johnson's reasoning here if only because it ultimately ensures the health of the Star Wars franchise. Whether you like it or not, Disney is going to continue these films up until the day you draw your last breath, and the only way to ensure that continues to happen is to establish that the story of the Force expands well beyond the Skywalker family.

Whether you agree with it or not, I think ultimately this move is going to be remembered as a pivotal step in the future of the Star Wars franchise be it good or bad. Do you agree, or do you think J.J. Abrams is just going to retcon Rey's parentage in Episode IX? 

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