RICK AND MORTY Szechuan Sauce Is Making a McDonald's Comeback Soon!

Last fall, McDonald's underestimated the power of Rick and Morty's Szechuan Sauce and things took a bad turn when the fast food chain didn't load themselves up with enough of the condiment to accommodate all of the fans. 

McDonald's promised to make things right and offer the Szechuan Sauce on a larger scale to make everyone happy, and they are following through on that promise. They made the big announcement on a website called We Want the Sauce, that Szechuan Sauce would return soon and more details on it would be revealed on Thursday, February 22 as part of a three-part podcast series called "The Sauce." The statement released says:

"So, come this Thursday, February 22nd, we'll not only announce when, where, and how much Szechuan Sauce will be returning. We will also answer those questions and share those stories via a stranger-than-fiction, three-part podcast series: The Sauce."

Yep, McDonald's is turning this thing into a whole hyped up event! Maybe they should have done this the first time around! It all feels a little late at this point. But, for those of you who still want to get your hands on the limited edition Rick and Morty Szechuan Sauce, you're going to get your chance! 

There are rumors that if you go into a McDonald's now and ask for the sauce they will give it to you. There's also a document circulating online that says that sauce is coming on February 26th. Will you be rushing to McD's to get yourself some Szechuan Sauce when it's released?

Here's a little video teaser of what's to come.

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