Ridley Scott is in Talks To Direct an Adaptation of the Comic QUEEN AND COUNTRY

Looks like Ridley Scott has found a comic book that he wants to adapt into a feature film. The director is currently in talks with Fox to direct a film based on Queen and Country, the Eisner award-winning graphic novel by Greg Rucka.

Queen and Country is a spy thriller that is set in a fictional British Secret Intelligence Service. The story centers on an operative named Tara Chace, "a top British intelligence agent who is used as bait to draw out an international terrorist after an attack in London."

I've never read the comic, but I love a good spy thriller! This seems like it will be a great project for Scott, who most recently directed the fantastic film All The Money in the World. Scott has also been in talks with Disney to direct The Merlin Saga.

If he has to make a choice between Queen and Country and The Merlin Saga, I hope he goes with Merlin. I think he would do something incredible with that. I love the films that he's made that are set in that medieval period of time. Scott is also attached to direct Wraiths of the Broken Land, which is based on a novel by Bone Tomahawk author S. Craig Zahler.

But if he does end up directing this Queen and Country film, I'm sure he'll have some fun with it. This isn't the first time the film has been in development. Back in 2013, Ellen Page was set to star in the film. 

The comic series ran for 32 issues from March 2001 to August 2007 and this is the official description:

An espionage drama, and ongoing series, set in the fictional British Secret Intelligence Service, focusing on a squad of three Special Operations Officers, codenamed “Minders”, and in particular, focusing on the life of Minder Two (later to become Minder One), a woman named Tara Chace. Queen & Country: Operation Broken Ground won the 2002 Eisner Award for Best New Series.
Queen & Country has grown into something of a cottage industry, with comics and novels (A Gentleman’s Game and Private Wars). In addition to the regular title, three associated mini-series have been written—Declassified I, Declassified II, and Declassified III (with Declassified III written by the incredibly talented Antony Johnston).

 What do you think about Ridley Scott possibly coming on board to direct this movie?

Source: The Wrap

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