Ridley Scott Says He Has Another BLADE RUNNER Sequel Idea Ready To Go

Ridley Scott isn't finished with his Blade Runner film franchise yet. As awesome as Blade Runner 2049 was, unfortunately, it didn't do too well at the box office. Regardless of that, Scott is hoping that he gets to produce another Blade Runner film and he even says that he has another idea ready to go. During an interview with Digital Spy, he said:

"I hope so. I think there is another story. I've got another one ready to evolve and be developed, so there is certainly one to be done for sure."

It's a shame that this idea that Scott has come up with will probably never get made. Judging from the box office take of the last movie, it seems most audiences just aren't interested in this sci-fi noir franchise and I don't think the studio is willing to take another gamble on it.

If it does happen, we might just have to wait another 25 years. Blade Runner 2045 definitely left the door wide open for another story and maybe one day we'll find out what Scott's next chapter of the story will be like.

Would you want to see another Blade Runner sequel?

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