Ridley Scott's Halo Series Will Be Called HALO: NIGHTFALL

Producer Ridley Scott is currently in the process of producing a Halo web-series for Bungie, and at E3 we learned that the title of the show will be Halo: Nightfall

The project is part of Microsoft's Master Chief Collection, which is an anniversary edition of previous Halo games. The collection and web-series are set to be released for Xbox One in November of this year.

The series is being directed by Sergio Mimica-Gezzan (Heroes, Under the Dome), and the live-action weekly series will center on the life of Master Chief. According to reports it will tie together the first four Halo games and also lay the narrative groundwork for Halo 5.

Steven Spielberg is also producing a separate Halo series that looks like it will end up on Showtime. I'm excited for both of these projects, and I'm confident that both of them will turn out awesome and be something that fans of the franchise will enjoy. 

Hopefully we'll get more information on what these series will be about soon!

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