ROAD NOT TAKEN - Announcement Video and Gameplay Footage

I must admit, it's hard not to love the tone of the announcement trailer that developer Spryfox just released for Road Not Taken. Kudos, by the way, to who came up with the line "All this in over 300 righteous colors!". The upcoming Roguelike looks fantastic. It refines yet also expands the gameplay foundations of Spryfox's other hit Triple Town. Road Not Taken puts you in the shoes of a ranger who is trying to rescue the children of a village after a brutal winter storm. You can catch some additional gameplay footage below, which shows the combining and battle systems a bit more in-depth. If you scroll a bit further, you can see some screens of the game as well. If you're not already interested, I'll just pull the guilt card with this.

Yeah, that's what I thought. 

Road Not Taken will be released on PC and Mac (via Steam) as well as PS4 on August 5th, with a PS Vita release coming soon after.

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