Robert De Niro and Shia LaBeouf Will Star Together in a Crime Drama Called AFTER EXILE


Robert De Niro and Shia LaBeouf are set to star in an upcoming crime drama called After Exile and they will play father and son.

According to Variety, LaBeouf will play an ex-con who, “after being released from prison for killing an innocent man after a violent robbery, must re-enter his old life with his father (De Niro) in order to save his younger brother from a life of drugs and crime.”

De Niro’s character is also and ex-con and he is suffering from alcoholism and guilt. The movie is being directed by Joshua Michael Stern (Jobs, Graves) from a script written by Anthony Thorne and Michael Tovo are writing the script.

I’ve truly enjoyed the films that LaBeouf has been making lately. Fury, Honey Boy, and The Peanut Butter Falcon, have all been fantastic films that the actor has shined in. I love the fact that he will be working with De Niro in this next film project.

As you know, LaBeouf has gone through some rough times, but he’s taken steps to get his life together and become a better man. I’m happy for him and to see him continue to be a part of such wonderful film projects. I’ll be looking forward to watching this next one of his.

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