Robert Downey Jr. Had a Captain America Birthday Party

A while ago, Robert Downey Jr. said he was planning to screen Captain America: The Winter Soldier for a bunch of kids on his birthday. The now 49-year-old star was born on April 4, which also happened to be the release date of the Marvel movie. So this weekend he did it. About twenty kids came over to his house where they watched the movie with the Iron Man actor, and presumably ate popcorn and cake. I mean, you go for the big gesture, you don’t cheap out on the snacks, right? 

The star posted the above photo on his Facebook page with the caption, “Let the partaaaaay begin!!!” Look at that picture, and ask yourself, “What room are they in?” Is that his garage, or does he have a commercial gym in his giant ass house and that’s where they teach yoga and step aerobics classes? Either way, my birthday is next week, and if I had his money and Marvel connections… I probably still wouldn’t do anything this cool and nice.

Of course, this isn’t the first time RDJ has been adorable with children. Jamie Foxx’s daughter bragged to her friends that she knew Iron Man and he was going to be at her birthday party, and he came through, bringing a tub of Iron Man toys and hanging out all day. Here’s a pic Foxx tweeted from the party:

Remember when Downey had to shoot U.S. Marshals on a day-pass from jail? This turned-his-life-around, nice-to-kids, cool dude is a much better version of him. Good on ya, mate.

Via: Geekosystem