Robert Downey Jr. Reportedly Made Quite the Paycheck on AVENGERS: ENDGAME, But One Star Made a Bit More This Year

iron man endgame candid.jpeg

In not so surprising news, it turns out that Robert Downey Jr. made a buttload of cash while making the film that would be his last in the MCU. He wasn’t the only one who took home a hefty paycheck, but it was reportedly the largest.

In a report from Forbes, the film made a total worldwide gross of $2.77 billion, which is still climbing since the film was re-released with extra footage. Domestic gross has hit $848 million, making Endgame the second-highest-grossing film ever worldwide.

In the list of the stars on the Forbes list who made the most this year, RDJ did make a reported $66 Million on his farewell run. The star who made a bit more last year was his Avengers: Endgame co-star, Chris Hemsworth, who made a reported $76.4 Million in the last year, except the caveat to that is his paycheck isn’t solely from his role as Thor. Hemsworth also starred in the film Men in Black: International, which added to his total.

So that’s pretty crazy and pretty cool. Must be nice to be an Avenger, amiright?!

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