Robert Downey Jr. Wants Mel Gibson to Direct IRON MAN 4

Deadline just posted a fun interview with Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr., and in it the actor agrees that he would star in Iron Man 4 if Mel Gibson directs it. Here's how that conversation went down:

DEADLINE: Marvel badly wants Iron Man 4 and you’ve said you aren’t doing it. How about the idea you’ll do that movie if Mel directs it?

DOWNEY: Correct.

DEADLINE: Is that our headline?

DOWNEY: Why not? That movie would be bananas.

Now before you think that he's saying this just to say it, Downey is 100% serious. He and Gibson have been friends for years, and later in the interview he says that Gibson has "fundamentally changed." With a past like Downey Jr. has, he is also the kind of guy who believes in second chances.

There's nothing official about this, but the thought of it is exciting. I'm a huge fan of Gibson's work. The guy is insanely talented, and an Iron Man film directed by him would be incredible. I think Marvel needs to strongly consider this scenario. What do you think about the idea of Gibson directing Iron Man 4?

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