Robert Kirkman Has His WALKING DEAD Ending Planned Out

It’s hard to believe that one day Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead comic book series will come to an end. It’s been around for so long, and the stories for the characters just keep getting deeper and deeper and more intense. It’s good to know that it’s all leading somewhere, though. the writer and creator recently revealed that he knows exactly how the series will end.

During a recent Reddit AMA to promote his upcoming series Outcast, a fan asked Kirkman if he already had an end for The Walking Dead planned out in his head. This was Kirkman’s response: 

"Yes, but y'know... It's not happening for a long, LOOOOOONG time."

Why is this brief comment important? Because any good storyteller knows that knowing your ending is important. It’s what guides the story. Starting a story with no end in mind can be disastrous. That’s exactly what happened with the TV series Lost. The creators and writers of that show had no idea how they would end it! This tells us that Kirkman is going to give fans the solid ending they deserve when it finally comes to that point in the distant future. 

There’s a lot of fan speculation out there that the series will end with Carl Grimes leading a group of people into a hopeful future. But no one knows for sure. During the same Q&A Kirkman teased Rick’s death. When asked if Rick would ever die, Kirkman responded, “eventually.” 

We know Rick’s death is inevitable, we just don’t know exactly when or how it will happen. For a man of his stature, I hope he goes out in a powerful way that matters. I can’t help but think he will gloriously and selflessly go out sacrificing himself for someone he loves. 

How would you want to see The Walking Dead come to an end?

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