Robert Pattinson Talks About His Hesitance to Play a Superhero in Two Year Old Interview With Howard Stern

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Here’s a fun little flashback to two years ago when Batman wasn’t even on the radar of our newly appointed Caped Crusader, Robert Pattinson. In an interview with Howard Stern, he asked Pattinson if he had ever been asked to do a superhero movie, and he said no, he hadn’t even auditioned for one.

He went on to say that when you sign on to play a hero, you usually have to sign on to eight movies, and he just got out of a five movie run (Twilight), and that’s a lot. But he continued to say that it definitely does depend on the role. So he obviously felt strongly enough about the character of Batman to jump aboard what could be another long run!

The interview is fun, and goes into about what he thought of playing the role of Edward Cullen in the Twilight films, and how those ended up being a lot bigger than he thought, and he was a little too serious in the role when he first started. So the version we got was the toned down version?! It was still pretty intense. But I’m not complaining. Those cheesy movies are fun and nostalgic for me.

I’m really excited for Pattinson to play Bruce Wayne. He has made great acting choices in recent years, and I think he will bring us a good Batman. Check out the whole interview below, and tell us what you think of Pattinson jumping into the superhero genre.

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