Robert Rodriguez and John Malkovich Made A Film Literally No One Will See For 100 Years

In honor of the one hundred year aging process it uses for its cognac, luxury brand Louis XIII hired director Robert Rodriguez and actor John Malkovich to make a film called 100 Years that will be placed in a time capsule and opened on November 18th, 2115. According to Rodriguez, the story is "emotionally charged," but io9 reports that the company is keeping everything else secret.

Marko Zaror and Shuya Chang co-star. Take a look at a featurette below:

Louis XIII is sending metal movie tickets to 1,000 "influential people," asking them to pass the tickets down to their descendants who will be alive in 2115 so they can attend the premiere.

They've released three teasers for the project, but none of the footage you'll see in them will be found in the actual movie. Instead, these were just "created to show what it might look like when someone uncovers the film in 100 years." Take a look below, and let us know what you think about all of this in the comments:

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