Robert Rodriguez Directing JONNY QUEST Movie For Warner Bros.

A Jonny Quest film adaptation has been in development for nearly a decade, with a script actually making The Black List (a list of the best unproduced screenplays of the year) in 2008. At the time, Zac Efron was rumored for the lead role and Dwayne Johnson was being eyed to play Race Bannon, but nothing came of that project and it eventually fell back into development hell. But now it appears that it's been given new life at Warner Bros.

THR says that Terry Rossio, the co-writer of Pirates of the Caribbean, will join Robert Rodriguez in rewriting Dan Mazeau's script, which Rodriguez will then direct. The original Hanna-Barbera cartoon debuted in 1964 and lasted only one season, but it had a great sense of sci-fi pulp adventure and the animation was awesome for its time. It also inspired a sequel series called The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest in the mid-90s, which had a cool virtual reality-inspired premise. The show followed a young boy named Johnny who traveled the world with his scientist father, Jonny's adopted brother Hadji, and his father's bodyguard Race Bannon.

Is there any way we can get Dwayne Johnson back on board as Bannon? That was excellent casting the first time around, and I realize the actor is incredibly busy these days, but that'd still be a great choice for the role. Rodriguez makes sense as a director, too, considering he's the same guy who made the Spy Kids movies. I really enjoyed Rodriguez's early work, but speaking bluntly, I feel like his films have gotten progressively worse over the years. I'm rooting for him to make a comeback, and maybe Jonny Quest will be just what he needs to get his creative juices flowing again.

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