Robert Zemeckis Offers Details on His ROGER RABBIT Sequel and Explains Why It Won't Happen

Robert Zemeckis has been talking about making a sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit? for years. It's something that he wants to do, and it's something that fans would love to see, but in a recent interview with The Telegraph, he explains why it probably isn't going to happen.

Zemeckis says that the script for the film is “magnificent,” and says that it's “more a continuation than a sequel.” According to the filmmaker, the story follows Roger and Jessica Rabbit “into the next few years of period film, moving on from film noir to the world of the 1950s.” The sequel also included the ghost of Eddie Valiant, who was wonderfully portrayed by the late Bob Hoskins in the original film. The plan was to use a CGI digital version of Hoskins.

So why isn't this movie happening!? Because Disney controls the property, and Zemeckis says that “the current corporate Disney culture has no interest in Roger, and they certainly don’t like Jessica at all.” Yeah, Disney doesn't really need another Roger Rabbit film, especially with all their live-action Disney remakes, Star Wars films, and their Marvel superhero properties. 

He goes on to talk about the difficulties of making the sequel if Disney did one day decide to green light it:

“Most sequels, you’re behind the eight-ball on them. When audiences clamor for a sequel, what they’re really doing is expressing their enthusiasm for the movie they just saw. And that means they’ll have a love-hate relationship with whatever comes next because they want it to be the same movie, but different. If it’s too similar, they don’t like it. And if it’s too different, they really don’t like it. There’s nothing more difficult.”

Fact of the matter is, Disney isn't interested in a Roger Rabbit sequel, so we won't see it happen. It's kind of a shame because I'd love to see Zemeckis' idea for it brought to life! At least we'll always have the original to enjoy.

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