Roberto Orci Wants William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy in STAR TREK 3

It looks like William Shatner is finally going to get his chance to be in one of these new Star Trek movies. He was originally supposed to have a very small part in J.J. Abrams' first movie that you can read about here, but they decided not to follow through with it. With Roberto Orci on board to write and direct Star Trek 3 there's a chance we could see Shatner in the film alongside Leonard Nimoy. According to a report by Badass Digest, that's exactly what Orci wants, and all Shatner has to do is accept the offer. 

According to the site, Orci's current script for the third movie features a scene that will reteam Shatner and Nimoy as Kirk and Spock, which would be amazing to see after all of these years. If it happens, this would be the first time that that they've shared the screen together since 1991s Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. This is a huge deal for fans, and I would love to see it happen! 

The movie starts shooting in six months and we have to keep in mind that anything can change between now and then. There's also a chance that Shatner might not be interested in doing it, which would be a shame. He has expressed interest in being a part of the rebooted franchise in the past, but he wasn't invited to the first two Star Trek parties so his outlook may have changed. 

Shatner was a little upset that he wasn't included in the first movie, and even accused J.J. Abrams was "being a pig," in regards to the director taking on both Star Wars and Star Trek franchises. He's made other sarcastic comments as well, but as you know... there is truth in all sarcasm. The actor has since apologized to the filmmaker for his comments.

Who knows what will happen at this point though. There is no word on how Shatner and Nimoy would fit into the story, but the way Abrams set up the new timeline of the universe could allow for the return of Shatner. If they've been looking for a way make it happen, it sounds like Orci must have come up with an idea that works for the universe.

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