Robin Concept Art for Tim Burton's BATMAN


After Batman Returns, Tim Burton was set to return to direct a third film in the franchise. For some stupid ass reason, though, they dropped the director's version of the film, because they wanted the him to tone down the darkness. Instead, they went with Joel Schumacher's colorfully terrible film, Batman Forever. Burton's plan was to introduce Robin in to the franchise, and Marlon Wayans was actually cast in the role. Once Schumacher came on board he recast both Batman and Robin, and we ended up with Val Kilmer and Chris O' Donnell.

Thanks to CBM, we have a piece of concept art showing us what Burton's vision of Robin may have looked like. The sketch comes from Costume designer Bob Ringwood, and it looks… interesting. The hair poofing out of the top of his head is pretty silly looking, but the actual costume may have looked a lot different. What do you think about the design? 

Updated Information on the image above from one of our readers:

The article at ComicBookMovie by "Nailbiter111" is incorrect. If you look at the bottom of the page he doesn't cite any kind of source. I have have emailed him repeatedly and he will not answer or update the article, because it doesn't matter if it's true or not, it gives him hits. 
The image itself isn't anything new that "just surfaced" It was uploaded to by the owner of Batman-Online in April of 2008. The art in question was published in a BATMAN FOREVER promotional book, it has been available to the public for years. It is one of Ringwood's many designs for Chris O'Donnell. It was manipulated in photoshop to remove still photos from the third film that covered the right foot. Marlan Wayans was never going to wear a superhero tight suit. He would not be identified by any name of than "The Kid." He was to wear a "grease monkey" mechanic's jumpsuit. Earlier in the process Neal Adams designed a costume for child actor to wear that is also widely available on the internet but no one talks about it because it isn't something you can make a negative article about. Ricky Addison Reed was the original child actor cast in the role of Robin for 89, but again, not talked about because you can't make a sensationalist headline out of it. 
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