Rocket Raccoon and Groot GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Collectible Statue


Rocket Raccoon and Groot are going to win the hearts of audiences everywhere when they make their big screen debut in James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy. Gunn himself recently had this to say about them in a trailer breakdown posted yesterday,

"There is no doubt that the cinematic pinnacle of my career is our cameras circling around a maniacal raccoon shooting a machine gun on the back of a living tree. And I say this with as much modesty as I can muster – because certainly it is not me, but the hand of God guiding us all as we make this film – but it just may be the pinnacle of cinema in general. When we shot it we were twirling around an empty space in a giant set. But I think all of us could see the raccoon and the tree in our minds. They were already starting to form. I can’t wait to share them with everyone in August." 

The kids are definitely going to go crazy over these characters. In honor of the crazy rodent and tree, Kotobukiya has created this this amazing 1/10 scale statue that will be available on September 2014.