Ron Howard Shares a Photo From The HAN SOLO Set That Teases The Empire

Ron Howard continues to give Star Wars fans glimpses of what he sees every day on the set of Lucasfilm's untitled Han Solo stand alone film. Like a breadcrumb trail that will eventually lead to the finished product, each of these images invokes a sense of excitement and nostalgia.

Today's tweet shows what is clearly an Imperial Navy Trooper Helmet resting on what looks like a control panel of some sort with the caption:

"The Empire Looms Large"

If that helmet looks familiar, that's because it is.  It is seen worn by Imperial troopers throughout the original trilogy (below). The troopers that wore these helmets backed up stormtroopers in battle and were created to provide the Imperial Navy a corps of troops.

The control panel looks pretty familiar too, it has a similar shape as the control panel we see in the prison block on the Death Star in Star Wars: A New Hope. Does that mean Howard's photo suggests the existence of the Death Star in the Han Solo movie? Not necessarily, but I wouldn't rule it out, maybe we'll even get another CGI appearance of Grand Moff Tarkin?

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