Rooster Teeth Gets New Content Partners

If you subscribed to Rooster Teeth First, you’re about to get access to a lot more content. It was recently announced that Rooster Teeth has partnered with CypherDen and Flashgitz to add their content libraries to their own. Starting in early 2019, new videos from both CypherDen and Flashgitz will premiere on Rooster Teeth First before they go to free platforms. In addition to this video deal, the partnership has given way for the first ever CypherDen merch which is now available at the Rooster Teeth Store.

Matt Hullum, Rooster Teeth’s CEO and co-founder, made this statement about the team up:

We’re thrilled to officially welcome CypherDen and Flashgitz to the Rooster Teeth family and provide them a new home on the internet to engage their communities. Rooster Teeth is much more than a subscription video service - over the last 15 years we’ve built strong lines of business in merchandise, live events, podcasts, talent development, games and more. We think the successful model for a new media business today should be diversified, and we want to offer creators that opportunity with us.

Are you a fan of CypherDen or Flashgitz?

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