Rumor Has It That Two New Players Will Make an Appearance in AVENGERS 4


Marvel fans are going nuts with their theories about Avengers 4. Now we have one that points to some pretty big characters making an appearance. According to DanielRPK, Marvel is looking to cast two pretty prominent roles named Karen and Piper/Sprite.

These characters are two of the Eternals characters that would be included in the upcoming Eternals film that marvel is developing with director Chloe Zhaol (Whale Rider). Of course, Daniel goes on to speculate that they’ll make their initial appearance in Avengers 4, but I’m more skeptical of that since it appears that they’ve finished reshooting the film already.

What do you think? Will these new players enter the MCU via the post-credits scene of Avengers 4 (assuming it has one) to help set up The Eternals movie?

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