Rumored Details on How Steve Trevor Returns For WONDER WOMAN 1984

Movie Wonder Woman 1984 by Joey Paur

A lot of fans have been wondering how Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor comes back for Wonder Woman 1984 and why he’s still the same age, especially after being killed off in Wonder Woman. Well, a new rumor surfaced from SuperBroMovies that sheds some light on how this is possible and the key to it may be Pedro Pascal’s character. Possible spoilers ahead:


Ever since Pedro Pascal was cast in the film, fans have speculated about who he might be playing and most people think he will be a God in disguise. Many fans think that he might be playing Hades, but nothing has been confirmed.

We’ve already had our first look at his character all decked out in a business suit. Well, according to the report, Diana (Gal Gadot) makes a deal with this guy and in exchange for doing his bidding he’ll “bring the love of her life back, Steve Trevor.”

This is just a rumor at the moment, but it’s a rumor that explains a lot and would make sense as to how Trevor would return and why he looks so out of his element in the photo above. I assume Wonder Woman just doesn’t take the time to read the small print on whatever contract she signed because it’s sure to come back an bite her in the ass.

We’ll eventually find out when the Patty Jenkins-directed film is released on November 1st. What do you think about this latest plot rumor?

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