Russo Brothers Share Mysterious New Photo From AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR

The Russo Bros. are up to trouble again. Not really. I don't know why I started this article like this. Too late now! Russo's are up to trouble again!

Recently they revealed a photo from the Avengers: Infinity War set that has everyone talking... er tweeting? 

The photo shows something metallic that looks like something of a Hadron Collider. It's got what looks like a Galactic Fidget Spinner in the middle and maybe like seat belts off to the side, creating a circle... or part of a circle.

So what is it? People are speculating left and right but the Russo's lips are sealed. Some say it's something Thanos related like a portal or a vault door for all of Thanos's ... "unmentionables." Others say maybe Tony Stark has a new core that lets him go into space. I mean, if you're gonna fight Thanos, you gotta do it on a random planet in space, right?

Personally, I got my own thoughts. It's either a cool new cyber version of Cap's shield that he's working on. Not Cap, but like Black Panther or Tony as a make-up gift. Or, and I'm really hoping this is true, It's the hubcap of the Spider-Mobile. To see that make an appearance would be music to my ears. 

Got an idea of what this new odd image that the Russo's shared? Sound off below.

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