Ryan Coogler Talks About the Pressures of Making BLACK PANTHER 2

Ryan Coogler scored a massive success with Black Panther. Now, he’s working on the sequel and there’s no doubt that it would be stressful. After all, sequels are always compared to their predecessors which means Black Panther 2 needs to be even better on a critical level and a financial level. Speaking with IndieWire, Coogler talked about the pressure he’s now having to face:

I think the pressure is kind of always going to be there. I’ve had a chance to make three feature films, each one of them had its own very specific type of pressure. In the process of it, it feels insurmountable each time.

When it comes to making a sequel, I’ve never done it before, a sequel to something that I’ve directed myself. So I think there’s gonna be a lot of pressure there, but what we’re going to try to do is just focus on the work, like we always do. Really try to go step by step and try to quiet everything else around us, really focus on trying to make something that has some type of meaning.

I can’t wait to see what Coogler does for Black Panther 2. I loved the first one and am intrigued to see how things shape up after Infinity War and Avengers 4.

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