Ryan Murphy Teases AMERICAN HORROR STORY Will Tackle the 2016 Election Next Season

American Horror Story will be taking on the 2016 Presidential Election. THR reports that creator Ryan Murphy revealed that next season of the series would begin shooting in June, but wouldn't say much more than that. When asked as to whether or not there would be a character based on current President Trump, Murphy responded "maybe."

I'm going to be honest, I did not expect this series to get political, and if I'm being more honest, I don't know why it should. We've hit another point in our nation where politics dominate daily discussions, and while it's good that people are staying informed, it doesn't have to be everywhere. Also, if you're going to get political, why not cover something more current, as by the time this airs it will be nearly a year and a half after the Presidential election. That's just my two cents. 

All that said I am curious as to the take the show would have on such an election, so I'll probably watch it. Will you? 

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