Ryan Reynolds Declares His Allegiance For #TeamCap, Robert Downey Jr. Reponds

Over the weekend, Captain America star Chris Evans had a chance to see Deadpool, and when he tweeted his reaction to the movie, it triggered a chain reaction among him, Ryan Reynolds, and Robert Downey Jr.

It began with Evans' reaction:

Then Reynolds' response, aligning himself with #TeamCap for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War:

Then Downey jumped in, mixing their real-life personalities with their movie characters:

To which Evans responded:

And then Reynolds capped it all off by appropriately saying that he can't be trusted, revealing a surprising new ally:

As Joey pointed out to me, this may be the only time we see these Marvel characters interact, however jokingly, because of all of the restrictions on character usage between the various studios. For the sake of argument, if the character of Deadpool were allowed to participate in Marvel Studios movies, which side do you think he'd be on in Civil War?

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