Ryan Reynolds Points Out a Funny Easter Egg in DEADPOOL 2 That Connects To The First Film

The Deadpool franchise is packed full of hilarious jokes, Easter eggs, and references, and Ryan Reynolds recently pointed one out in Deadpool 2 that I completely missed! The Easter egg he points out is in reference to something from the first film. 

In the first movie, as Deadpool says goodbye to his roommate Blind Al before heading out to his final big fight sequence he tells her, "If I never see you again, I want you to know that I love you very much. And also there's about 116 kilos of cocaine buried somewhere in the apartment. Right next to the cure for blindness."

Fast forward to Deadpool 2, when Deadpool decides to kill himself after his girlfriend is murdered, he goes back to the apartment to retrieve the buried cocaine and as you will see in the screenshot below, it's right next to a package that's labeled, "The Cure For Blindness".

Reynolds and his co-writer Paul Wernick addressed this reference in the commentary for the movie. Reynolds said, "I wonder if people ever catch this little Easter egg." Wernick went on to say that this was "Ryan's little gem here." Reynold added:

"The cure for blindness, from the first movie. Cocaine, right next to the cure for blindness. I wonder if eagle-eyed people will catch it."

Well, this is the first time I noticed it and the first time I've heard anyone even mention it. This is a great little detail, though, that I had to share just in case you all missed it as well. 

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