Ryan Reynolds Wants Deadpool to Team Up With Han Solo

Ryan Reynolds has a great idea that would see Deadpool team up with Han Solo. This would never happen, but it would really be one of the greatest things in the world to see. The actor shared his dream team-up concept during an interview with Deadline in which he said:

“I really do genuinely want to see a Deadpool and Han Solo team-up. I have a non-vocal commitment from Harrison Ford — I read his astrological chart and it looks good for us.”

Reynolds is freakin’ hilarious. I love the little non-vocal commitment from Ford thing. Even if Ford did want to do it there’s no way that Disney would ever, ever, ever, ever allow it. Regardless, imagining these two in the movie just brings a smile to my face. Oh, the fun adventures that these two would have together. The two characters could shoot first at the same time! 

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