Ryu Attempts to Transcribe His Battle Cries for STREET FIGHTER

The Pete Holmes Show seems to have run out of X-Men members to fire in their “Ex-Men” series of sketches. They now have a hilarious new video (in a presumably ongoing series of new sketches) revolving around Street Fighter. It stars Mark-Paul Gosselaar as fan-favorite Ryu, who must get his battle cries approved for the global broadcasting of the tournament.

I think Holmes and his team are doing great things on TBS. Their Ex-Men sketches may have run out of steam towards the end — with Holmes’ Professor X becoming progressively meaner and petty — but I love that they’re tackling all of these slightly sacred geek properties. They do a fantastic job of playfully exploring their worlds while also exposing some of their weaker points. I’m looking forward to seeing more of these “Street Fighter Red Tape” videos.

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