SAILOR MOON STARS is Finally Being Released on Blu-Ray in the US

Now is the time to be excited if you’re a Sailor Moon fan. VIZ Media recently announced that Sailor Moon Stars is getting a Blu-ray and DVD release in North America.

If you don’t know what Sailor Moon Stars is, it’s the fifth and final season of the original anime and to my knowledge it was never released in North America.

I remember my brother borrowed the DVD’s from some guy more than 10 years ago, so we could watch it. Here’s a description of the whole season from Gizmodo:

The fifth and final season of the original anime adaptation of Naoko Takeuchi’s iconic magical girl manga, Stars is split into two arcs. The first, a storyline original to the anime, sees Usagi and her fellow Senshi taking on Queen Nehelenia once again, but the majority of the 34 episodes adapt material from the manga. That arc features the Senshi teaming up with the Sailor Starlights—who, in the anime, were biologically male in their civilian forms, before transforming into women to become the Starlights—to battle the corrupted Sailor Galaxia in a quest to stop her Shadow Galactica organization from taking over the universe.

Yeah, pretty sure it never came over here because of the Starlights. However, it’s exciting that the first half will be released in the spring 2019. I hope the second half doesn’t take too much longer to be released.

I’m really excited for this release and will be keeping an eye open for more details.

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