SALTMARSH ENCOUNTERS Helps Provide Splashes of Flavor to Your D&D Saltmarsh Campaign

Everyone is still busy at work creating more supplements to help compliment everyone’s Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaigns in Dungeons & Dragons. If you’re looking for smaller encounters, you may want to consider Saltmarsh Encounters from M.T. Black, James Haeck, James Introcaso, Rich Lescouflair, and Ashley Warren. There are 60 very short encounters included for DMs to throw at their players in towns, on the coast, and at sea. There’s even a table to help you choose one of these encounters at random! Another added bonus is they’ve included the stat blocks for some creatures that don’t show up in the Monster Manual.

The encounters range from hunting T-rex to helping a gnome reel in a giant octopus mage familiar. There’s a wide variety of encounters and the fact that they’re short will help you flavor your adventures without derailing your main story. I would recommend this unofficial supplement to anyone running a Saltmarsh campaign. You can grab Saltmarsh Enounters on DMs Guild for $4.95.

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