Sam Neill Says He Hasn't Been Called To Appear in JURASSIC WORLD 2

If Alan Grant is appearing in Jurassic World 2, Sam Neill knows nothing of it. The actor confirmed as much to Slashfilm and speculated on what the former dinosaur expert could be up to:

“I think the problem is that no one knows where Alan Grant is anymore. He’s retired from paleontology. He’s sick to death of dinosaurs and running. He’s not quite as fleet of foot as he was, and he’s now retired to Dayton, Ohio, and has a very successful accountancy business… I think that’s what’s happened to Alan. Either that or he’s dead.”

On a more serious note, he confirmed that no one has contacted him about appearing in upcoming entries in the franchise.

That's not to say it won't happen, as I'm sure Jurassic World 2 will not be the last of these films, but who knows what plans they have in store for this franchise? Truthfully, I don't think they need Neill to continue the series, do you? 

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