Samuel L. Jackson Set to Star in THE BLOB Remake

Samuel L. Jackson is definitely a guy you want if you are up against a large unstoppable creature. Sharks, Dinosaurs, King Kongs, and now apparently Blobs. In a recent interview with the Toronto Sun talking about how Samuel L Jackson's voice has now become iconic for the loud yelling with purpose. He said he's been preparing to use that voice to play roles like he has been for years. 

That's the sound of me having fun. I've been preparing to use it my whole life. I've been running from or chasing King Kong, Godzilla, the Wolfman, whatever, since I was a kid. We'd go home and pretend to do all that stuff.

Well, it looks like the fun is going to continue because during the interview he mentioned he would also most likely be doing The Blob remake. 

"So I’m doing Kong for the same reason I’ll probably be doing The Blob. I just got a call the other day (where the producers) said they finally got their money from China to do Blob."

In 2015, director Simon West announced he was working on doing a remake of The Blob, and then nothing really came of it. Well, as you can see from his comment above there's some traction is being made. Someone in China is funding them. As to who, it's not quite known yet, but calls have been made and Jackson seems excited to play in it.

Whether or not he'll survive the disaster will be another thing altogether, will be a question that will have to be answered later. If Deep Blue Sea, Jurassic Park, or Anakin Skywalker have anything to say about it then maybe not.

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