Samurai Stormtrooper Art by Alessandro Uggeri

Art Star Wars by Eli Reyes

I don’t think I should say too much about artist Alessandro Uggeri’s SamuraiTrooper design. I fear any further comments I make, other than that it’s a well-crafted piece of fan art, will cause a frenzy again. The last time I wrote an article involving a Samurai Stormtrooper, it caused a bit of a stir because it was retweeted by Jon Favreau. Before J.J. Abrams earned the Star Wars: Episode VII gig, Favreau was a fan favorite to take on the job, and his retweet and comment fueled those flames

With Rian Johnson taking on writing and directing duties for Episodes VIII and IX, and Gareth Edwards and Josh Trank helming the Star Wars standalone movies in the works, it’s seeming less likely that the man who kicked off the Marvel cinematic universe will get to play around in the Star Wars universe. We can hold out hope though, it’s a pretty big universe. Or, Favreau could just be the man to bring Patton Oswalt’s pitch for a Marvel/Star Wars interconnected universe to life. There ya go, Internet, I have shown you where the fire is. Now go, play with it. 

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