SAN ANDREAS: WonderCon Panel Video with Carla Gugino and Alexandra Daddario

The GeekTyrant crew was in attendance at the Warner Bros. panel during WonderCon. The first part of the panel was Mad Max: Fury Road footage that the team discussed in a video (here). The second part was for the upcoming movie San Andreas starring Dwayne Johnson. Sadly, Johnson was not in attendance, but the two female leads — Carla Gugino and Alexandra Daddario — were. Also on the panel was director Brad Peyton, who worked with Johnson on Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (I've see it, not a good film).

The cast and crew talk about shooting the film and really pushing how much was shot in camera using practical effects. The screenplay is by Carlton Cuse (Lost) and there seems to be more story and character in this movie than your standard disaster film. I'm not a big fan of the disaster genre but I eventually see them all, so perhaps I'll watch this on Netflix in 1-2 years.

San Andreas "rocks" theaters May 29th (USA).

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