Sarah Chalke Joins Netflix's Adult Animated Series PARADISE P.D.


I first became familiar with Sarah Chalke in her role as Elliot in Scrubs. Since then she’s been on other shows including How I Met Your Mother and most recently, Rick and Morty. She’s now getting a new show called Paradise P.D. on Netflix. Paradise P.D. will be an adult animated series with the following description:

They’re bad cops. Not bad like no-nonsense. Not bad like cool. Bad like shitty. Paradise P.D.: They’re the worst responders. From the creators of Brickleberry comes this take on a small-town police department.

It sounds like it has some good potential and could be fun. It will be joining other adult animation series on Netflix such as BoJack Horseman and Big Mouth. The whole voice cast will include (from left to right in the picture above): Dana Snyder as Stanley Hopson and Dusty Marlow (on the far right), Cedric Yarbrough will be Gerald Fitzgerald, Kevin Crawford will be voiced by Dave Herman, Tom Kenny will be voicing Chief Randall Crawford, Chalke will voice Gina Jabowski, and Kyle Kinane will be Bullet the dog.

No release date has been given to Paradise P.D. but it should be popping up on Netflix later this year. Netflix has already ordered 10 episodes.

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