Say Hello to The New POKEMON SHIELD Creature Galarian Ponyta

Pokémon recently had a 24-hour stream. During this stream, there was a lot of nothing happening, but eventually fans were able to catch glimpses of some Pokémon. Of course, then a new Ponyta-like creature was revealed, and many fans started going nuts. This Ponyta had something more akin to cotton candy or clouds protruding from its body instead of flames. It also had a black horn and one of the two was missing a tail. Well, it has been confirmed that this is in fact the Galarian Form for Ponyta.

Galarian Ponyta will be exclusive to Pokémon Shield and its typing has changed from Fire to Psychic. The abilities available to this Ponyta include Run Away and a new Ability called Pastel Veil. Pastel Veil prevents Ponyta and its teammates from being poisoned. In addition, Pastel Veil will cure allies of the poison condition when Galarian Ponyta enters the battlefield. You can learn more from the official site.

As for the missing tail, my guess is that it’s a gender-based difference. Pokémon sometimes have differences between the male and female versions and my guess is that the male version doesn’t have a tail for some reason.

Are you excited to add Galarian Ponyta to your team? Pokémon Sword and Shield will be available November 15 on Nintendo Switch.

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