Scarlet Witch's Reality-Altering Powers Might Be Introduced in Marvel's WANDAVISION Series


Marvel fans seem excited about all the shows coming to Disney+ in the near future. One of those shows is WandaVision, which will see the return of Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch and Paul Bettany’s Vision.

There hasn’t been a lot of information revealed on this series yet, but we’ve got an interesting bit of info to share with you thanks to MCU Exchange. The rumor claims that Scarlet Witch’s powers are going to evolve dramatically into one of her powers from the comics. That power includes reality-altering:

"I’ve heard that as this show unfolds, it’s going to find Wanda really starting to come into her power set and that the reality-altering powers from the comic are going to make their way into MCU."

We’ve already seen these powers displayed in the MCU, but not by her. Thanos used it in Avengers: Infinity War when Peter Quill and the others show up to The Collector’s museum to get the Reality Stone, but Thanos beat them to it.

There are no plot details on the series or how Vision will end up being involved, but maybe the reality- altering power will explain Vision coming back and the 1950s setting that has been teased. Maybe Wanda’s powers get out of control and end up creating a new world for them to live in? Then that world starts to fall apart?

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! What would you like to see from the upcoming WandaVision series? What do you think the reality-altering powers mean for the story?

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