Scarlett Johansson in Talks for Jon Favreau's JUNGLE BOOK

Director Jon Favreau and Disney are pressing forward on their journey to develop a live-action big screen adaptation of The Jungle Book. They are looking to cast both Scarlett Johansson and Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o (12 Years a Slave). The two actresses are currently in negotiations with the studio.

If cast they will join Idris Elba (Thor) who is the only other person cast in the film at this time. He will be playing the villain Shere Khan, the man eating tiger in the live-action/CGI hybrid movie. Nyong’o would play Rakcha, a mother wolf who adopts Mowgli, Johansson would voice the character of the second villain of the film Kaa, the python who hypnotizes other animals and then eats them. The still have yet cast the lead character Mowgli.

Warner Bros. is also developing a a Jungle Book project with Andy Serkis set to direct. I'm definitely more excited for Favreau's version, and so far it looks like he's putting together a great cast. The movie is set to be released on October 9th, 2015.


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