SCAVENGERS Is a Trippy Animated Sci-Fi Short About Two Astronauts Stranded on a Planet

Scavengers is a crazy trippy animated sci-fi short that you've got to watch. This is just such a weird viewing experience, but I absolutely loved it! The story follows two astronauts who end up stranded on a strange planet full of strange alien creatures. They spend their time on the planet studying these creatures in the weirdest ways, but it all leads to a specific goal that they have in mind.

The VESTA - 1 project mission was to establish human settlement on planet designation Vesta Minor.
All contact with VESTA - 1 command crew was lost shortly after arrival.

The short was directed by Joseph Bennett and Charles Huettner. It's a unique and fascinating short that's completely peculiar and has an eerie and haunting tone.

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