SCOOBY-DOO AND THE LOST CITY OF GOLD is an Upcoming Stage Play Featuring the Mystery Gang

If you love Scooby-Doo and the Mystery gang and you like stage plays, you’re in for a treat. Warner Bros. and Monlove have teamed up to create Scooby-Doo and the Lost City of Gold.

The stage show will be presented in large scale theaters, and will include music, puppetry, magic, singing, dance, interactive audience response video, aerial arts and video mapping.

The aim of the show is to “create live, family entertainment that will offer as much for the adults who grew up on Scooby, as it will for their kids who still rock Scooby lunchboxes and backpacks to this day." I think they can achieve that. Then again, it does have a chance of being a giant flop and something for everyone to laugh at. Ella Louise Allaire and Martin Lord Ferguson co-created the concept, lyrics, and music for the show.

Lost City of Gold will be directed by Pierre Boileau with Guy St-Amour taking care of technical innovations and set designs. Do you want to see what is sure to be a spectacle to behold?

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