Scott Derrickson Discusses Dan Harmon's DOCTOR STRANGE Contributions

Doctor Strange was one of the best comic book movies of last year, and now that the Marvel film is approaching its home video release date, the studio is trotting out the filmmakers for more interviews to talk about how the movie was made.

Remember how Community creator Dan Harmon was brought on to take a pass at the screenplay before the film hit theaters? Thanks to a new interview that director Scott Derrickson did with Moviefone, we now know that most of Harmon's jokes ended up being a little too weird for the movie. (Not too surprising, considering his sense of humor.) But it wasn't a complete bust — Derrickson described Harmon's contributions as being an essential part of the process:

"Meeting him in person -- he's odd and quirky -- but what he did was, he came in, saw a cut of the movie, and had a really striking analysis. Because he hadn't read any of the scripts and didn't know the Doctor Strange mythology and I'm not sure how much of a comic book fan he was. But he saw the movie, loved it, and had some breakdown things that were very helpful. That alone was probably his biggest contribution.
"Then he went off and wrote different things. There are some jokes that might have stayed in there, but for the most part, the scenes were a little too out in Dan Harmon-land, even for Doctor Strange. But I really love the guy and I really think he made a significant contribution in the process. He was the voice we needed to hear at the time, and I will always be thankful and watch anything he does. He's a brilliant dude."

Doctor Strange turned out to be one of the upper-tier Marvel Studios movies, and it sounds like Harmon's input had a lot to do with that. Very cool. Doctor Strange hits Digital HD on February 14 and Blu-ray/DVD on February 28, 2017.

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