Scythe is a popular boardgame that takes place in an alternate more steampunk-type world. The problem has been that it’s always been a little out of my budget. However, thanks to Asmodee Digital, there’s a digital copy of the game for a reasonable price and the expansion has finally been launched as DLC called Invaders From Afar. This DLC adds two new factions called Clan Albion and the Togawa Shogunate and ups the number of players from 5 to 7 for even more fun. Two more players means two more player mats, namely Militant and Innovative to lead to increased strategy options.

Scythe: Digital Edition transports players to an alternate reality set in Eastern Europa in the 1920s, following the first World War. During this time of unrest, the capitalistic city-state known as “The Factory,” which fueled the war with heavy armory, has closed its doors, drawing attention from nearby countries. Representing falling leaders, players are tasked with restoring honor and leading their faction to power in Europa.

I’ve played against the Togawa Shogunate in the physical version of the game, and I have to say, the few times I’ve done so, I’ve always felt like they have been overpowered. They have the ability to leave traps that have negative effects on opponents and their own units can teleport to them. Combine that with the fact that they are one of two factions (Clan Albion being the other) that don’t need to cross water in order to get to the Factory in the middle of the board and it really raises red flags for me. Then again, it could just be that I’m still very inexperienced with the game (only got to play it about once every 6 months if not longer until recently).

I don’t know that I’ve ever played as or against Clan Albion, so while I do worry about the fact that they don’t have to cross water to get to the Factory (talk about a crazy advantage), I’m unsure if they have a better balance to them.

You can purchase Invaders From Afar for PC on Steam for $9.99 (on sale right now for $8.99). What do you think of the new factions in the game?

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