Sean Bean Joins HITMAN 2 Where Players Will Hunt Him Down To Kill Him - Here's a Live-Action Trailer

Sean Bean has played a lot of roles in movies and TV shows where he is killed off. We’ll now he’s set to star in the video game Hitman 2, where players will hunt him down to kill him. So, now Bean will die in video game form.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and IO Interactive announced that Bean will be taking on the role of a character name Mark Faba, who’s an Elusive Target. Faba is a former MI5 agent who left the organization to become freelance assassin, and along the way on his missions he managed to get the nickname of "The Undying."

You see, Faba is known within the world of assassins as a master of faking his death and taking out his targets with precision. He’s so good at what he does that he’s an assassin that is hired to take out other assassins.

Agent 47’s mission is to track down and eliminate the very elusive Mark Faba, and attempt to put an end to his assassination gimmicks once and for all.

The announcement came with a live-action trailer featuring Sean Bean as Mark Faba speaking with his therapist and it’s pretty great! You really get a sense of how dark and chilling this character is. It also make me want to see a movie based on this character alone!

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