Season 2 of ATTACK ON TITAN Delayed Until 2017

It appears we won't be seeing new Attack On Titan until 2017. According to the Wikia (translated from original source Mision Tokyo), the news was first uncovered when a Spanish television show tried to get rights to a simulcast for the original run date of fall of this year:

As stated by the source, Selecta Visión contacted Kodansha requesting the rights to simulcast Attack on Titan Season 2 in Spain during this Fall lineup, but they were told by the Japanese company that it will not be airing on this year and that it has been rescheduled to some point of 2017, so the distributor estimates that it will premiere during the anime season that starts in January.

This would make sense as there has been no advertisement for the upcoming season. Hopefully things don't get delayed much longer! We've waited for almost three years for this!

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