Sebastian Stan Teases The Winter Soldier and Falcon Team Up Series for Disney+


Disney is launching their own streaming service called Disney+, and they’ve already mentioned that some of our favorite MCU characters, like Loki, Vision, and Scarlet Witch, will be getting their own series on the platform.

It was also previously reported that Bucky Barnes a.k.a. Winter Soldier and Sam Wilson a.k.a. Falcon could be getting their own series! Fans are really hoping to see this happen. Now, Disney has not confirmed any plans for a series around Steve Rogers’ two BFFs, but the rumor mill is strong and there’s a small possibility that Sebastian Stan, the man who plays Bucky, may have let something slip.

In a recent interview with Omelete, Stan tried deflecting a question about said team up series and joked that the show is really Starsky & Hutch: “I think what you're referring to is a 1980's film that he and I will be starring in, where I'm going to have really long hair and do this,” and he rolled up his sleeves as a joke. However, then the interviewer suggested that Starsky & Hutch would simply be an inspiration, and Stan seemed to agree with that sentiment.

Now, this is 100% pure speculation, but I think Marvel’s going to do it. I think we will see a team up film with these two characters. Ever since Captain America: Civil War, it’s what the fans have wanted. I think it would be pure comedic gold. Would you watch Falcon and The Winter Soldier?

The part with Stan happens around 4:41 mark.

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