Second Season Trailer for Hilarious Netflix Comedy LOVESICK Hits the Web

On a list of shows that are entirely unnoticed and underrated on Netflix, Lovesick tops the list. Part of the problem was that it launched with a different name — Scrotal Recall, and they changed the name a couple months ago. While the first name made it more apparent that it was a comedy, it may have seemed a bit crass or dumb to the casual stream surfer looking for something new to watch, but it's actually one of the greatest comedies you'll find on Netflix. 

Lovesick follows Dylan. Dylan finds out he has chlamydia and travels through each of his sexual partners in recent memory to try and figure out who he got it from... and who he may have given it to. What I loved about the show is how it traveled through Dylan's life over the years and gave us snapshots of where his life was compared to present day, as well as the lives of his friends. The show gave me more than a few laugh out loud moments in its first season.

Season two looks to be more of the same. Unrequited love and still searching...will Dylan ever find out who gave him that STD? The new season starts November 17th. I highly recommend that if you're a fan of raunchy British comedies like The Inbetweeners you check it out!

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