See Spidey's New Look in Trailer for PS4's Upcoming SPIDER-MAN Game - E3 2016

"People see me and think they're safer, but it's not really me they're seeing. Probably for the best, knowing everything hinges on a guy from Queens sounds as scary as it feels."

PlayStation has unveiled a pretty cool trailer for a new Spider-Man video game coming to the PS4 and as you can see, Spidey is getting a whole new look! The game comes from the teams of Marvel and Insomniac Games, who were looking to create a "brand-new, authentic Spider-Man story."

There aren't a lot of details on the game yet, but it's explained that it features an "experienced Peter Parker who is more masterful at fighting crime." So it seems like this game is going to skip the whole origin thing as well, and I don't think fans of the character are going to complain about that.

The new costume that Spider-Man is sporting is interesting. A part of me likes it and a part of doesn't. With the whole red, white, and blue color scheme, he's definitely got more or a patriotic look. I'm sure there are cosplayers out there who are already making their costumes!

Check out the trailer and tell us what you think of Spidey's new look!

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