SEE WITH YOUR EARS is a Fascinating Video on the Art of Steven Spielberg's Sound Design

I've got a great video essay for you to watch today called See With Your Ears: Spielberg and Sound Design. It breaks down the art of how director Steven Spielberg uses the sound in his films to help tell his story. In this video, the main film used as an example is the filmmakers 2005 thriller Munich, which is an incredible film! The video shows us that Spielberg and sound designer Ben Burtt (Star Wars, Indiana Jones) were able to effectively tell a story with just the audio. Sure, the visuals are nice to have, but with the way Spielberg and his team play with sound, you don't need the visuals to get the idea across of what is going on. It's all in the sound. This is actually pretty fascinating, so check it out when you get a chance! 

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