Sega Genesis Was Developing an Aliens Vs. Predators Football Game Called COSMIC HARD BOWL

Back in the 90s Sega Genesis was a kickass gaming console with some really fun games. Sega was my gaming system of choice back in the day and unfortunately, their greatest achievement never got made!

The National Video Game Museum uncovered a game concept called Cosmic Hard Bowl and it was an Aliens Vs. Predators football game! That’s right, the two iconic aliens species would have battled it out on the football field!

Cosmic Hard Bowl was supposedly going to be set in the year 2702 A.D. and you can see some of the early concept art that was shared on social media to give you a look at what was being planned.

I really wish this game would’ve happened! I would have played the hell out of it! I think the concept for the game needs to be picked back up and completed!

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